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experiences / shades of life wid many question ?????

Oooooooppppppppppppppsss  i m  here again  on my blog what i supposed to write over here i dun know but i have to let u know all that i m  alive in this wold busy some how in many thing

hey  to my bloggy people it’s been ages i have not write any thing that why having difficulty in writing. well as elders says ” when u adapt anything after skipping then u need time to be useful at ”

learning some new things in life, getting experience while handling situation is a part of our life we born to tackle these situation but when we were kids we were adaptive to solve little problem but as soon as we grow up and realized of our responsiblity than at that point  we should be aware that now problems are going to be more n we have to tackle it smoothly butttt…………………………

we human what we do is we start complaining Allah n panic up very quickly this is not the part we used to do if situations are not in ur hand n after a long struggle  people are not giving u desire result then let it go what ever any one is saying let it go ur Allah is there wid u we think this but we never adapt this

i tried to adapt it but still letting things go is little difficult if we work on it we can come up wid it

this is what i learn in these days 🙂

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”


u know what this little princess is now a grown up  princesss  she started thinking what she supposed to do for herself n for family

is it necesssary to be in relationship????????????

according to me it is not the best relation on this earth is of  parents wid their childrens n a husband nwife relation  as these relations r gifted by Allah but stilll every boy n a girl is in relation n the one who r not those people think they r stupid… R they???? Our best friend is always our mothers so we should tell everything to them n if we had such a lovely bond with our parents then why this 21 generation youth says we r stupid ?????

i really dun get the answers of these question ??????????

  this is all end bye tc

stay blessed 🙂

Allah hafiz 🙂

good nite sweet dreams




bhao people jago me backk


asaalamm u alikum cool guys n girls i m  back to the blog world was very busy in paper oh god these paper made the complete mess of me n my pretty appearance how m i looking these day a stupid donkey who is only learning  the boring  physics n chemistry n sometimes botany n zoology hating these subject  was complety addicted to physics thanks God only one is left nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww n that is English koi parhta hai english with $ days gaps how ridiculous  well jo bhi hai leave this parhae bht hogaya parhae phobia now its time to have fun n to chill good bye to blooody physics n chemisty i want to kill newton instead of apple n bomb should have fall on his head

okay coming back top point i m back n if u people forgot me so quickly recall me again other wise i will come in ur dreams will scare u now its up to u wether u want to recall me or should i come

now i have so may things to tell u…. so many tafree of mine as i m not chnaged yet i will complete my second year n till now i dun knw how to cook 😛 😀

well i m choti so i dun have to worrryyyy 😛

okay i m scratching my head coz it very late n neeenu aieng mjhe so bye u people will get updates soon

I deas changed the world

 Being a student  I would like to share something   unique . Pakistan is an agricultural country . being an agricultural country the GDP of Pakistan is=$170 bn.Image our country have this rate of earning through imports. 


At those  people,who have created history with their knowledge . 2 friends started a network to communicate with their friends  and have excelled in their ideas and earn $9bn thet created hotmail  the way of online chatting n now it is spread in the whole world  n these two boys  were getting 160bn $  for selling their idea

American student designed a knowledgable website named “GOOGLE” .Initially no one was intrested and got their first break with $50,000 but after 5 years they earn 100bn $ per year  thorugh one idea now they are ruling the world  idea came from knowledge.

Nokia one of the  best mobile company in the whole world is situatedi n the arms of ice Ireland n earn $40 bn throgh their scale  .the company is situated in those area where is no sch industries n mineral resources but they only have idea n knowledge  n by this their earning is  remarkable.

Mc donald one of the renowned resturant in the world sold bread in Germany for 5 years because the people of germany did not eat bread inorder to introduce thier trend of burger n they successfully did this act and now earning $40 bn

 See now people are flourishing because of ideas .If we have to do someting good for Pakistan we should have some new unique ideas n scheme to make the name  of our country on the high esteem last

We should do something for our country n the other thing each n every person get success on the basis of ideas n knowledge

                                                                                         KNOWLEDGE HAS POWER

search 4 God

we search our God in the skies ,

Whose image is been created in our eyes

We always wish to see him one

Want to hear his voice ,

He is omnious who has created man ,

gave him intelligence with a pen

He doesnot live in the mountains n hill how to explain,

To  those who search for him on hills and plains,

He lives in the heart of people

We never find him on these hills

No doubt he is omnipotent

And is present everywhere

if u want to seek God search  around u

by helping people  n caring for them

ask from ur heart

if the answer is yes

so God is with u