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I deas changed the world

 Being a student  I would like to share something   unique . Pakistan is an agricultural country . being an agricultural country the GDP of Pakistan is=$170 bn.Image our country have this rate of earning through imports. 


At those  people,who have created history with their knowledge . 2 friends started a network to communicate with their friends  and have excelled in their ideas and earn $9bn thet created hotmail  the way of online chatting n now it is spread in the whole world  n these two boys  were getting 160bn $  for selling their idea

American student designed a knowledgable website named “GOOGLE” .Initially no one was intrested and got their first break with $50,000 but after 5 years they earn 100bn $ per year  thorugh one idea now they are ruling the world  idea came from knowledge.

Nokia one of the  best mobile company in the whole world is situatedi n the arms of ice Ireland n earn $40 bn throgh their scale  .the company is situated in those area where is no sch industries n mineral resources but they only have idea n knowledge  n by this their earning is  remarkable.

Mc donald one of the renowned resturant in the world sold bread in Germany for 5 years because the people of germany did not eat bread inorder to introduce thier trend of burger n they successfully did this act and now earning $40 bn

 See now people are flourishing because of ideas .If we have to do someting good for Pakistan we should have some new unique ideas n scheme to make the name  of our country on the high esteem last

We should do something for our country n the other thing each n every person get success on the basis of ideas n knowledge

                                                                                         KNOWLEDGE HAS POWER