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from dawn to dusk voice from my heart

how can i be so mean

sorry i left u without informing u

it was all my istake that i neglect u

but now i want u back

as i need u i really need u

u r my best friendto whom i can share everything

my pain my sorrows my joys ,

i don’t wanna leave u but i did

i m really sorry “MY DEAR BLOG”

it was small sorry from my side wel i m back with lots of thing to share with well from where to start i dun knw “scratching head ”

we came to this thin little world  for some task n by the time we  enter into different stages of life but why every time we have to adjust ourselves in that new environment we meet diffenrent people n came into contact with different people from the day when we born till we die we meet different people n came across different problem but why some problem are too difficult to solve  with so many why i m here infront of u my dear blog

i am now in a new phase of life  which is my university life totally different from school n college  meet new  people n tried to adjust in that envoirment i tried my level best to adjust myself but i cant

why people over there are not like me i m searching the answer for this question since the  1st day of my uni

people usually say that to adjust in the envoiment which is new for u u have to change yourself  does they say that change yourself while going against your goals n objectives

the answered which i got is totally no my inner soul didnot allow me to break my rule  m i wrong or right i m confused rite now how to face it  i dun knw:(

i m still searching for the answer rite now keeping silent or to be in books is the best option which i found atleast book can not hurt me anyhow anymore as it doesnot complain or demand from me

well now i m relieved what ever was spining in my mind is been discussed here

this picture describe very well i compare my self with that tree  this is what i m feeling n is disturbed

now sleeping time  will come soon

will get my new post inshallah tomorrow

so till the bye blog awam have fun n chill guys 🙂


I deas changed the world

 Being a student  I would like to share something   unique . Pakistan is an agricultural country . being an agricultural country the GDP of Pakistan is=$170 bn.Image our country have this rate of earning through imports. 


At those  people,who have created history with their knowledge . 2 friends started a network to communicate with their friends  and have excelled in their ideas and earn $9bn thet created hotmail  the way of online chatting n now it is spread in the whole world  n these two boys  were getting 160bn $  for selling their idea

American student designed a knowledgable website named “GOOGLE” .Initially no one was intrested and got their first break with $50,000 but after 5 years they earn 100bn $ per year  thorugh one idea now they are ruling the world  idea came from knowledge.

Nokia one of the  best mobile company in the whole world is situatedi n the arms of ice Ireland n earn $40 bn throgh their scale  .the company is situated in those area where is no sch industries n mineral resources but they only have idea n knowledge  n by this their earning is  remarkable.

Mc donald one of the renowned resturant in the world sold bread in Germany for 5 years because the people of germany did not eat bread inorder to introduce thier trend of burger n they successfully did this act and now earning $40 bn

 See now people are flourishing because of ideas .If we have to do someting good for Pakistan we should have some new unique ideas n scheme to make the name  of our country on the high esteem last

We should do something for our country n the other thing each n every person get success on the basis of ideas n knowledge

                                                                                         KNOWLEDGE HAS POWER


Sunshines, birdflies, flower dance.
But someone is hurt by the special one,
Tears are felling from the beautiful eyes,
But No one is realizing and caring,
sweet heart is broken,
But no one is there 4 bandage,
Behind this smile tears are hidden,
But No one saw the precious diamond tears,
The foolish act made laugh
But behind this a silence and sad person,
The pleasant atmospher is beautiful,
But this had made the life confusing,
A roar of laughter is heard
BUt the silence of pain is not,
Friends are all around
But still there is lonliness,
Everyone is there to encourage
But none is there to share,
U miss everyone
But no one missed u
Many enjoyable moments are there
But no one is there to have fun with,
Everything is there
But time is not there,
Except those little sweet book and dairies