wishes / unfathomableprincess

  I wish , I wish,I wish, I wish

Iwish ,Iwas never born

I wish ,I fulfil everyone expectation .

Iwish ,I never hurt anyone,

I wish, Iproved to be a perfect daughter

I wish, Iwas a perfect sister

I wish , I have wings to fly

I wish, I can solve everyone problem

I wish, I proved to be a perfect friend

I wish I never met him

I wish,I was not his choice

I wish , He didnot fel in love

I wish , I   comeup with past memories

I wish , he forget me

I wish , my past doesnot come in front of me

I wish, I was never compelled to live alone

I wish, he understand i was not made for him

I wish , I  faded away n never come back

I wish, I can hide somewhere

I wish,I wasnot hurt by anyone

I wish, I never complain or demand

I wish I was a perfect human,

I wish that my wishes come true


Wishes are wishes  that can not be fulfilled

until god want


Still we wish to get best


MIss u PEople

sorry peopleeeeee writting after a long timeeeeee but today i have to share this news with you guyzz:)
my mother and two younger brother are going to KSA for umrah with my grand parents:)
i hope they had a good journey and time with each other n I also want to go with them but I can not 😦 coz my father will be all alone and I am going to miss my mother alot:(
She is one who is always there for me I used to share my all secret with her
She used to tie my hairr and to iron my clothes
She guides me in everything and hepl me out in every problem
She used to listen my all alto faltu chit chat
She is the one who made me feel very special
She is to cook delicious food for meeee
She used to buy jewelery and ready my all outfit
She is perfect when I m in tension she used to made me feel calm so that I can forget all

She scold me when i do something wrong
I m going to miss her aLot
OH Mummy i miss you
I m going to miss u alott
everyday i want u to be with me but u r leaving me here for 25 days:(
Who will going to talk with me who wll going to listen my all chit chat who will alwayz be with me:(
I m going to miss my younger brother 2 with whom i fight alot n we together have a pretty company with whom i m going to ask for choclate with whom i will tease other or make fun of other 😦
I miss u bro
What will I do without u peopleeeeee
But i Wish u people have save journey n pray for me for everyone n for our Pakistannnnnn