experiences / shades of life wid many question ?????

Oooooooppppppppppppppsss  i m  here again  on my blog what i supposed to write over here i dun know but i have to let u know all that i m  alive in this wold busy some how in many thing

hey  to my bloggy people it’s been ages i have not write any thing that why having difficulty in writing. well as elders says ” when u adapt anything after skipping then u need time to be useful at ”

learning some new things in life, getting experience while handling situation is a part of our life we born to tackle these situation but when we were kids we were adaptive to solve little problem but as soon as we grow up and realized of our responsiblity than at that point  we should be aware that now problems are going to be more n we have to tackle it smoothly butttt…………………………

we human what we do is we start complaining Allah n panic up very quickly this is not the part we used to do if situations are not in ur hand n after a long struggle  people are not giving u desire result then let it go what ever any one is saying let it go ur Allah is there wid u we think this but we never adapt this

i tried to adapt it but still letting things go is little difficult if we work on it we can come up wid it

this is what i learn in these days 🙂

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”


u know what this little princess is now a grown up  princesss  she started thinking what she supposed to do for herself n for family

is it necesssary to be in relationship????????????

according to me it is not the best relation on this earth is of  parents wid their childrens n a husband nwife relation  as these relations r gifted by Allah but stilll every boy n a girl is in relation n the one who r not those people think they r stupid… R they???? Our best friend is always our mothers so we should tell everything to them n if we had such a lovely bond with our parents then why this 21 generation youth says we r stupid ?????

i really dun get the answers of these question ??????????

  this is all end bye tc

stay blessed 🙂

Allah hafiz 🙂

good nite sweet dreams




wishes / unfathomableprincess

  I wish , I wish,I wish, I wish

Iwish ,Iwas never born

I wish ,I fulfil everyone expectation .

Iwish ,I never hurt anyone,

I wish, Iproved to be a perfect daughter

I wish, Iwas a perfect sister

I wish , I have wings to fly

I wish, I can solve everyone problem

I wish, I proved to be a perfect friend

I wish I never met him

I wish,I was not his choice

I wish , He didnot fel in love

I wish , I   comeup with past memories

I wish , he forget me

I wish , my past doesnot come in front of me

I wish, I was never compelled to live alone

I wish, he understand i was not made for him

I wish , I  faded away n never come back

I wish, I can hide somewhere

I wish,I wasnot hurt by anyone

I wish, I never complain or demand

I wish I was a perfect human,

I wish that my wishes come true


Wishes are wishes  that can not be fulfilled

until god want


Still we wish to get best

from dawn to dusk voice from my heart

how can i be so mean

sorry i left u without informing u

it was all my istake that i neglect u

but now i want u back

as i need u i really need u

u r my best friendto whom i can share everything

my pain my sorrows my joys ,

i don’t wanna leave u but i did

i m really sorry “MY DEAR BLOG”

it was small sorry from my side wel i m back with lots of thing to share with well from where to start i dun knw “scratching head ”

we came to this thin little world  for some task n by the time we  enter into different stages of life but why every time we have to adjust ourselves in that new environment we meet diffenrent people n came into contact with different people from the day when we born till we die we meet different people n came across different problem but why some problem are too difficult to solve  with so many why i m here infront of u my dear blog

i am now in a new phase of life  which is my university life totally different from school n college  meet new  people n tried to adjust in that envoirment i tried my level best to adjust myself but i cant

why people over there are not like me i m searching the answer for this question since the  1st day of my uni

people usually say that to adjust in the envoiment which is new for u u have to change yourself  does they say that change yourself while going against your goals n objectives

the answered which i got is totally no my inner soul didnot allow me to break my rule  m i wrong or right i m confused rite now how to face it  i dun knw:(

i m still searching for the answer rite now keeping silent or to be in books is the best option which i found atleast book can not hurt me anyhow anymore as it doesnot complain or demand from me

well now i m relieved what ever was spining in my mind is been discussed here

this picture describe very well i compare my self with that tree  this is what i m feeling n is disturbed

now sleeping time  will come soon

will get my new post inshallah tomorrow

so till the bye blog awam have fun n chill guys 🙂

kids bring smile

fun n being happy n making other laugh is an art of life so today i m trying to make u laugh 😛

4 this I must say I should start with baby baby yes mama rhyme these rhyme is one of my farvouite because when a new child comes to me the first poem I taught him/her is

baby baby yes mama

Eating sugar no mama

telling lie no mama

open your mouth hahahahaha 😛

well i m loving it these days a new boy is coming  for tution and his name is “Hashm” He is so cute n sweet  but the worst part is when he used to come he started crying . He is afraid of me and he used to cry daily  n used to say

MJhe ghar jana hai mama pass ap jane do na

but as usual i m hitler  so i can not let him go  he is the first child who is afraid of me  coz kid love my company n i loved their company 2

oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i forget to tell u about another kid my  new physics teacher’s son “Taqi” He is sweet cute n sharp   i must say her smile is lovely . well I m  the only one with whom he used to talk n play  with me only  in my last physics class he came n sat besides me i gave him my pointer n paper instead of writting on paper he colour his nails purple with my pointer ni must say that  he has apply a good nailpaint on his hand  hai ALLAH that was lovely my teacher said him

AP larki ho kya ?????????????

n he said nahi mama nahi 😛

HE is so cute 🙂

ahhhhhhhhh there kid take my heart oh i love kids



i m backkkk happy wappy

It seems strange to write something over here coz after a long time i m  writing and back to my little blog world  yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 i have so much to write  but phele phele  “Salamz” hows u all i m  fine in punjabi what do we call it CHANGA HAL hai G TUADA KI HAL hai 😛

My result is going to come i wish that i appears good so pray 4 my result expecting good but let c how it appear either it bring happy wappy smile on my face 🙂 or bring mote mote ansu 😦  well whatever is there i will tell u so dun worrry but only pray 4 me

I m missing my 2 friends alot  when i used to go college they were with me  now i used to go akele akele  i miss u   n this made me realize that  these friends n people are only here with me they wont be with me  when i die i have to cross tht life alone without friends n family  this shattered me  n fear of God exist in me  🙂

bht hogae bari bari moti moti batien now i should tell u  that today i enjoyed alottttttttttttt 🙂

After a long time  i spend a splendid time with my college friends we all sit in a group    n did lotsof masti we tease eachother n make fun of each other  but we miss our one friend insia she has gone to ksa to perform HAjj  🙂  i feel like i got my friends back the friends which i had i 1st year  we had a beautiful time n thinking to spend or break daily like this   🙂 yea  yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it will be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 😀

Next thing  while teaching my student  n trying to learn her poetry which we used to learn in our montessory class  i recall my childhood dayyyyyyyyyyyyy how i used to sing poetry

Twinkle twinle little star ,

How i wonder what u are

up above the world so high ,

Like the diamond in the sky . 🙂

i love this poemmmmmmmmmm looking at the sky n seeing the stars shinig n twinkling  feel us fresh n  free from care n worries n in that this poem add a taste to ittttttttttttt  i love singing this poem while looking at the sky 🙂

so people now it’s time to go bye tace care will catch u dailyyyyyyyyyy



miss me  warna  i willl…………………. fill it by your self 😛

lesson’s I learnt

      hey everyone  after a long time i m writing a post  i was thinking what to  write so  now here i m with some new n unique thought n ideas

  •  Dun interfear in anyone’s life or matter until n unless they didnot gave u permission  n if they it’s better to be away from their life  even if they are  from your family
  • Do not expect from any one  neither from ur best friend n nor from your loved one .
  • Do not  justify yourself in front of those who  didnot want to listen you
  •   If your smile is fake then it should  be  hiden now one knw the reason behind ur smile n  ur tears.
  • Do not judge people on the bases of   faces n appearance but judge them on the basis of nature coz if someone judge u by face u won’t be happy
  •  be silent n see how many are effected  by it
  •   Keep your  secrets with u  coz no one is there to listen u.
  • If u r frustrated  keep ur frustration with u  if u vomit it out  the effect would definelt be negetive
  •  if u dun want to loose ur  friends  then dun complian to them n dun  expect the same  as what you did  they also did the same for u.
  • Make people laugh  if u r not  laugh with them to sure them that u r rite
  •  Never ever try to change anyone   except the way they are coz it’s diificult to change 4 others
  •  Never ever make fun of other coz if u do to the same act will gone with u so avoid it
  •  never compare your friends with other if u do that so u are hurting someone
  •  At times  people hurts alot so  everytime u should be care ful that no one is hurt by u  .
  • It’s better to be with yourself  n  to accept the thing which teaches u
  • Dun repeat your mistakes n try to  correct them
  • Dun test ur friends if u do so u r cheating ur friend .

changes are the part of life so except  the changes    that ‘s what i learn   so hope u people learn something from it n tell me the negative things which u did not like in it:)

  Smile n Be HappY 🙂


Why she left me all alone,

I missed her since she left,

I missed her day n nite,

Am I a bad daughter?

Didn’t I  deserve her?

No one is there to talk with me

No one is there to ties my hair

No one is there to wipe  my  tears

Why she compeeled me to live alone?

I knw I m naughty n stubborn

but I m not 2 bad  😦

I know she will come soon

but time is not passing,

Home without her is lke hell,

Allah is giving punishment

I missed her alot

I want her back

Oh God! please have mercy on me

Send her back to me

So I can smile n laugh

Share all the things with her,

I love her more than anything,

I need her  always