ali bhae’s birthday

Alaram hammered my head n then i wake up n remembber that it’s 12 it is the time to wishhhhhhhhhhhhhh birthdayyy boy but i was ambigouus either his birthday on 16 or on 18 but thanks to my preety account on fb  well choro yeh sub it’s time to wish him


                            may u have many many more bro

                          May Allah bless u 🙂

bht hogaya yeh wishing section  ab thora apna style

                               Tenu janamdin ki bht sari mubarkian khush raho

                               n abad n sada salamt raho  n hanste raho”

this day a cool n intelligent bro of mine came in this thin world with thick population he is famous for his wity answer which he replies when one do question welll diffficult to describe him he is loving helpful  n very generous he is sophisticated,thinker,eager to knw everything  bus bht hogawe tarefffffff ab time to do thora prang n masti

Birthday boy i want yummmy cake which u will cut today n this yummmy cake for u now card for u


okay enjoy the day have blast n i want treat 😛

HAPPPPYYYYYYYYYY birthday once again bro   🙂

From ,princerss 🙂


best friends birthday

hey salamz veryone after long time i m here well i was busy n still i m busy these day in studies n attending wedding  so didnot update any thing n did read u people blog so sorry for that  i hope u will understand  🙂 n will forgive me but seriously  i miss u all so no worry u people are in my prayer so chill pao bhae  😛

WEELllllllllllllllllllll coming back to point today is my bestestttttttttttttttttttttttt friend birthdayyyyyyyyyyy  SABA FAZALANI the sweetest cutest lovest friend in the whole world i m proud to have a friend like her so i wish her a very very happppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  well i wanted to go her house but didnot  so here is the cake from my side


okayyyyyy so eat it n do let me knw that u like it or not n send me 2 smjhe 😛 welll  here i have to wish u a happy birthday  many happy returns of the day may ALLAH bless u n keep smiling  ok here are some point which i want you to learn

what ever u like u can do dun think about other  n if u r thinking think in a positive way …………………………..

I wish u that ur life partner who you knw will definetly look after n  will care for u alot …………………………… so be happy my sweetheart dun be sad  pari (  by ur fiance )

what ever happens was not in your hand so stop blaming your self n thinking about stupid people 🙂

n bus baqi thing are in my letter u will get it soonn  so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from this year no rona dhona smjheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

once again happy birthday n  u will soon get ur gift n letter so dun worrryyyyyyyyyyy i will give  now

time for the card bye tc  sweetie luvvvvvvvvvvvvv u alot n missss u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope u like my surprises n mu gift so bye

wasif bhae dee shagufta salman she is my friend so wish her jaldi n ali bhae 2

request from a princess


News 4 u

Today there is a news for u people ,I am very happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy n i dun  have any reason .Well today i did a lot of work and did  so mch fun  okay now time for the news

Mummy coming back  🙂

my mummy is coming  on monday morning n i m desperatly waiting for her  and is cleaning  everything because she hates  mess  so winding up  all things the  time is not passing  oh  please this  time pass soon  i m happy very happyyyyyyyyy yuppie

Ali’s birthday  🙂

Today is the birthday of a cute  boy in this  town so people  wish him   he is Shaguftaabbas ‘s Bhanja   very cute n loving boy so    here a wish goes

” happy birthday many happy returns of the day    bacha “

in goofy khala’s style

” janam din ki bht sari shubkamaiyan 😛

now turn for some gift i guess happy birthday once again 🙂

many many happy  returns of the day 🙂

Birthday Blast!!!!

Hey peole it’s 28 august ,2010 the birthday of very special girllll

Miss, Dr Anum Munaf

so as the clock sturk at 12:00 clock  the birthday start

she is now 21   so i want to wish her today

She is my greatest api in the whole Universe

” Happy Birthday to u May u have many more My u Hav many more dear

Happy birthday to u”

she is the grt daughter and sister 2  May All her dreams come true

I have 21 gift 4 her  over here so  here they go

  • she loves teddy bear so here it is she  loves jewellery 2 now it’s turn 4   a pretty key chain ab  turn 4  a  locket of letter “A” a pillow where she can have a sweet sleep n and have beautiful dreamz 2 a cup 4 her in which she have a tea
  • now turn 4   a handbag
  • it’s time for choclates now
  • bracelet timeeeeeeee
  • she loves to wear bangles so here they are
  • she likes scarfs so here it is
  • turn 4 sandals now
  • now  dairyyy she has so many  n she like to  have collection of  many
  • She loves to eat brownie so here it go:-)
  • she wear watches 2
  • now ring turn
  • Turn of perfume so take a look
  • birthday cake is there
  • Card 4 the birthday girl
  • now wish 4 her
  • last wish for her These are 4 my lovely sister

MAY All her dreams come true