25 dayzzzzzzzzz without mama

25 August,2010

Wednesday the day when she left us and went to KSA 4 Umra

At airport no one cried except me because i can not control my emotion coming back from airport everything thing was having a different look dun knw why each and every one infact everything was missing her went to college not in mood after coming back from college api was there with me and Thanks to Shagufta who made my dayyyyyyyyy Thank u so much 🙂 everyone was with me but still i was missing her alotttttt:( the whole day was okayyyy

26 August,2010

on Thursday i wake up late:( n was late for college the first 4 period at college were not gud they were pathetics and at last in break i burst into tears infront of my teacher :Miss Sana” she relaxed me and my class fellow were trying to engage me in different activities but i was not in mud:( But Thank to my friends( Insi, Nazo, faryal, Madiha, Kainat, Nusrat, Mehak n my all best buddies Thank u

Two days passed missing u day and nite:( Api helping me alot n making my dayyy especial so Thanks to her also

Hope kai day pass soon n she will come back soon 🙂

27 August,2010

It’s Fridayyy i was invited to my phupho’s house

today i crid but lilttle bit n was upset 2 but then my mood was okayy

the whole day i spent was quite gud but i miss my mother n i did not talk to her since 2 dayyy

I miss her but Thanks to my phupho n cousin Nazo, Naveed bhae, faheem bhae n bhabhi they made my day including grt api:)

28 August,2010

it’s saturday the day of a birthday girl

the whole day went gud with the birthday  girl but mis mummy”:-(

4 days passed without her n still 21 days left:-(

what will going to happen didnot talk to her since last two dayz:-(

missing both younger bro 2:-(

29, August,2010

its sunday the boring dayyyyyyy:(

have nothing to do except to sleeep  n to miss mummy

today i missed her alot n talk to her on call:)

i burst into tears 2 when api scold me did not took sehri 😦

in iftari miss my younger bro  while eating waterjelly  he loves to eat it n have a fight while eating it:P

so the whole day was quite okay but thanks to goofy n samreen api who  made me laugh n yousuf 2:)

so the day end at an happy note:)

30, august,2010

It’s Monday  and the week start  back to routine went to college then after coming back  have to do a lot of work

tiring day alot  grt new 4 dee n wasif bhae kai today i cry bht thora sa n that was only coz of pain n today my mood was quite acha acha papa was happy to see me happy coz  he did not saw me smiling n laughing since last two dayz and he was  doing funny act to made his ladli beti laugh  🙂

but api ka mud not set i wish she  will be well soon f9

and today i miss mummy but  i was happy so the  day was quite happy shappy 🙂 😛

31 August 2010

tuesday the birthday of my friend  i wished   her  still we had a fight n  today she said sorry to me  i was happy:)

but on other hand i had a fight with api so then  I burst into tears in front of goofyy 😦

the whole day was  soso not 2 gud not 2 bad

1 september,2010

wednesday  21 ramzan and  today college was off  i was alone at home missing mummy alot coz there was no one with me 😦

i had done a lot of work maid didnot come n then  have to do all work by my self

I m tired alot n having pain in my knee joint 😦

had a fight with api 2 she scold me again 😦

but   my best friend Saba came to my home after a long time  🙂

I enjoyed alot with her those 1 and a half hour became a sweet memory 🙂 but then she left n again api was sad she wasnot talking to me i dun knw  now again i m missing my mummy:( i wish  i was there with her 😦

2 september 2010

it’s tuesday  as thec day start with my cryyy  i cried at night n then slept

next morning went to college the day at college was  awsome 🙂

but then after coming back the whole day I miss my mother alot I wish i was there with her

it is difficult for me to past these dys without her

had a fight with api now I want to live my life aloneeeee 😦

3 september,2010

the whole day was okay everything is set now between me and api but i missed mummy alot:( but i m smilling again 🙂

the worst part is kai everyone is angry shagufta wasif bhae n salman but now salman is fine he gave me a new nick “Guriya” n i liked it 🙂

Sorry to all I m sorry i hurt u people 😦

n thnk u for caring for me 🙂

4 september,2010

It’s saturday boring day have nothing to do so told papa to took for shopping n as usual traffic

had a lots of fun with api n papa 🙂

i bought jwellery coz i love to have a lot of jewellery missing mummy coz first time i was doing shopping without her 😦

but papa was there with me 🙂

after iftari n isha prayer i missed mama alot n still 15 days more i wish these days pass soon 😦

5, september,2010

sunday means funday but for me it’s a boring day but  yesterday it was quite a good day

Iftar party was at chachi’s house n enjoyed alot with Ali n Maheen 🙂

the whole day went good missed mummy but little  n was smilimg  like a good girl 🙂

6, september,2010

Monday and the day start  n i got up late in the morning   n was late for college 😦 i wish mummy was there with me  😦

the day was okay went for iftari n then for shopping with mamo had a lots  of fun  so the day went good but miss mummy alot coz no noone was there to talk  😦 n still  das left 😦


tuesday,    the  off day from college  was missing mummy badly n burst into tears 😦

was not in mood  to talk n want to talk with mummy coz didnot talk to her since last three days 😦

went to shopping with mamu had fun buy new shoes n jewelery  again  >3  n have a lovely sehri at pizza one

the day end on happy note 🙂 but tiring day it was


8 september,2010

wednesday,   the day at college was okay tired alot  after coming did house hold work

n  missed mummy alot 😦

the whole day quite pathetic had so many thing in my mind to tell her but she is not her

No one to talk with me and to understand me except her

so   missed her alot n   was not in mood hope kai 2morow everything  will get okay  so  a fake smile is there rite now 🙂


thursday last day at college n the eid holidays start 🙂

not in mood to talk so decided to be silent all day 😦

n missed my dearest mummy 2:(

but that stupid bat made me smile 🙂 so day end as usual

10 september,2010

Friday last roza of ramzan n still 10 days are left 😦

whole day was quite  busy didnot get time  but miss her coz if she was there  all the work was done by here  but she was not there chachi helped me alot but no one can take her place 😦

the day end on the smile on my face did lots of funny act:)

11 September,2010

saturday the eid day n  in morning went good but as the day start passing i missed my mother alot this eid was okay 😦

didnot enjoy much coz   my bro were not there

after coming back from home missed her alot n burso tear

i  wont be able to live more without her 😦

I Missed more than ever I begged Allah that these days pass soon or i  will not be able to survive coz i left alone no one is there to listen my all rubbish n to scold me n to ask me about everything i  only want her in my life i dun want anyone 😦


Come soon PLZzzzzzzzzz:(

I luv U 🙂

I left aloneeee 😦

12 september ,2010

saturday 2nd day of eid quite boring n was missing mummy alot coz time was not passing

till  evening i was not in mood  😦 but then after word to cheer me up me n api went with papa 4 an outing we buy  french fries n came back n click picture   🙂 so i m back to normal n  played ludo  enjoy  so the day ends 🙂

13 september,2010

Monday 3rd day of  eid  was okay not 2 good not bad

did some work then went to api’s friend house enjoy alot with Faiqa baji n her sister n mother

Had a yummy  refreshmen with them got eidi from her mother yea 🙂

so i enjoyed alot 🙂

but miss mummy little  but she is cumming soon so  i m happy shappy 🙂

14 september,2010

tuesday same routine starts again college  start n had so much fun at colege

but after coming back from home missed mummy but little

the whole day went goood 🙂


wednesday, enjoyed at college

missed mummy had a  little fight with api but then all thing went okay so

now i m happy shappy 🙂

16 september,2010

thursday, again had a grt day at college

n prepare lunch for api  🙂

n the all day went good  missed her but little

only 3 days left she is coming yea  wowww 🙂


friday, its holiday  n maid did not did all work

tring day it was

miss mummy little but now 2 dys left shi is coming 🙂


saturday , working day coz mummy coming back so did so much work

n then whole day went in working day one day left

wowshe is coming on monday morning n i m happy n i excited 2 🙂


25 thoughts on “25 dayzzzzzzzzz without mama

  1. Masha’ALLAH Uncle really glad to see her sweet barbie happy happy smiley smiley 🙂 My Barbie should know that she is sunshine to many and there is a lot sunshine around her as well 🙂
    Always be happy happy & smiley smiley, [Insha’ALLAH] Api will get well very soon 🙂

  2. Waaaa….princess diary…. 😀

    it’s so cute and lovely updates…but not good why so teary teary…..RONDHU RAAM…..ye to rola bacha howa na….Mama kitni khafa ho jayain gee jab princess itna rola daley gee…………… 🙂

    Bacha….you are a big girl sweaty….and big girls rotey nahi hain……..hain na……..and you are so lucky Mashallah…itni pyari api and goofy jaisi friend…..and sab se special TOTO k Papa………. 🙂

    I will love to read your 25 days diary but it should be happy shappy…..smiley smiley………….ok princess…. 😀

    • dee i tried my level best kai not to cry but every time i cryyyyy 😦
      n yeah i m doing everyone n struggling to make everyone happy but when any one scold me i burst into tearsssssss 😦
      n yeah i will try my level best to be happy shappyyy 🙂

  3. Awwwww Sweet 🙂 You know it’s 14 “:-)” N 9 “:-(” smiles in you whole post, N that’s a good thing, as long as you smile more than you get sad, all is well 🙂 My loads of prayers for you N your mom. When your mom will be back N you’ll give he the tightest hug, imagine the peace you’ll feel. I love it when a mother N daughter give each other hugs, I get so sentimental myself. Mom will be back v soon, you be a good N smiling girl ya. *hugie*

    • thnk dua baji n definetly i will so u were concentating on those smile n u even count themmmmmmmm aww that so swweeet of u:) hugs to u n i will 2 remember u in my prayerssssss
      thnks alot for the wishes 🙂

  4. Mothers they are indeed very special ! even if gone for an hour the house starts to look so silent , boring and dull !

    I understand your feelings … Hang on , she’ll be back soon inshallah 🙂 And hey I love jewelery too 🙂

  5. Yet again, am glad that your post [so far] ended with a smily, N I loved the happy shappy part [last line] 🙂 Sweety, it’s natural N one can very well understand that you must be missing you mom v v much, especially on eid day, but don’t you think it wonderful that she is there visiting Allah’s ghar, praying for you N for your whole family, as well for every muslim? No everyone is so lucky to experience this, sweety. So just be happy N pray for them to be home soon safe N sound! Insha-Allah! *hugie*

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