i m backkkk happy wappy

It seems strange to write something over here coz after a long time i m  writing and back to my little blog world  yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 i have so much to write  but phele phele  “Salamz” hows u all i m  fine in punjabi what do we call it CHANGA HAL hai G TUADA KI HAL hai 😛

My result is going to come i wish that i appears good so pray 4 my result expecting good but let c how it appear either it bring happy wappy smile on my face 🙂 or bring mote mote ansu 😦  well whatever is there i will tell u so dun worrry but only pray 4 me

I m missing my 2 friends alot  when i used to go college they were with me  now i used to go akele akele  i miss u   n this made me realize that  these friends n people are only here with me they wont be with me  when i die i have to cross tht life alone without friends n family  this shattered me  n fear of God exist in me  🙂

bht hogae bari bari moti moti batien now i should tell u  that today i enjoyed alottttttttttttt 🙂

After a long time  i spend a splendid time with my college friends we all sit in a group    n did lotsof masti we tease eachother n make fun of each other  but we miss our one friend insia she has gone to ksa to perform HAjj  🙂  i feel like i got my friends back the friends which i had i 1st year  we had a beautiful time n thinking to spend or break daily like this   🙂 yea  yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it will be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 😀

Next thing  while teaching my student  n trying to learn her poetry which we used to learn in our montessory class  i recall my childhood dayyyyyyyyyyyyy how i used to sing poetry

Twinkle twinle little star ,

How i wonder what u are

up above the world so high ,

Like the diamond in the sky . 🙂

i love this poemmmmmmmmmm looking at the sky n seeing the stars shinig n twinkling  feel us fresh n  free from care n worries n in that this poem add a taste to ittttttttttttt  i love singing this poem while looking at the sky 🙂

so people now it’s time to go bye tace care will catch u dailyyyyyyyyyy



miss me  warna  i willl…………………. fill it by your self 😛


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