” Kind word can made a relation n harsh word destroy it “

 If someone is disturbing you  and u point out that person  and tell them that “I m geeting disturb and geting difficult  in understanding  so please keep quiet till the lecture  end” Did something wrong with  it ?   if you think that  they did not like that u tell them n u said sorry to them so that  they won’t be hurt  But the answer  u got from them is quite annoying and they hurt u alot they insult u n  and what we call it Hazar batien suna dien  ” Is this they way  to speak they did not give u once chance to describe the reason that u were getting disturb because of their  chit chat during the lecture n evryone get  but they keep on insulting n   didnot want to listen u  they hurt u coz of that small sentence  n that was your rite isnot it  n they hurt u thousand times more than they   did 😦 😦

Your smile is lost because of them  😦 few minute ago u were smiling  🙂 n  then smile disappear n tears came in your eyes 😦 your heart is crying like a river  they animilate your pure heart n broke them into many pieces  😦 Is it worth ?

Have you such a big mistake that u were insulted by them  n now they are happy  after making u sad  Why  everyone do this  😦 ? After degrating u their thirst is quenched

 Everyone should be kind spoken 

                 ” Kind word can  made a relation n  harsh word destroy it “


9 thoughts on “” Kind word can made a relation n harsh word destroy it “

  1. Awwwww! Gurya, you’re too sensitive. To hell with the ones who don’t understand your words and come harsh on you. Door raho ayenda unsay. And we strong, forget about this. Log tou yahi kartay hain, unka tou kaam hi yahi hay Stupid log =@
    But GURYA is a sensitive Barbie, She shouldn’t get affected by other’s words. OK?
    Now SMILE come ON! 😀

  2. God bless you, reedsss. Hurting may last a while but let the sun shine on you in the morning. Forgive and be happy because God loves you unconditionally. May His eternal love wipe away your tears.

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