lesson’s I learnt

      hey everyone  after a long time i m writing a post  i was thinking what to  write so  now here i m with some new n unique thought n ideas

  •  Dun interfear in anyone’s life or matter until n unless they didnot gave u permission  n if they it’s better to be away from their life  even if they are  from your family
  • Do not expect from any one  neither from ur best friend n nor from your loved one .
  • Do not  justify yourself in front of those who  didnot want to listen you
  •   If your smile is fake then it should  be  hiden now one knw the reason behind ur smile n  ur tears.
  • Do not judge people on the bases of   faces n appearance but judge them on the basis of nature coz if someone judge u by face u won’t be happy
  •  be silent n see how many are effected  by it
  •   Keep your  secrets with u  coz no one is there to listen u.
  • If u r frustrated  keep ur frustration with u  if u vomit it out  the effect would definelt be negetive
  •  if u dun want to loose ur  friends  then dun complian to them n dun  expect the same  as what you did  they also did the same for u.
  • Make people laugh  if u r not  laugh with them to sure them that u r rite
  •  Never ever try to change anyone   except the way they are coz it’s diificult to change 4 others
  •  Never ever make fun of other coz if u do to the same act will gone with u so avoid it
  •  never compare your friends with other if u do that so u are hurting someone
  •  At times  people hurts alot so  everytime u should be care ful that no one is hurt by u  .
  • It’s better to be with yourself  n  to accept the thing which teaches u
  • Dun repeat your mistakes n try to  correct them
  • Dun test ur friends if u do so u r cheating ur friend .

changes are the part of life so except  the changes    that ‘s what i learn   so hope u people learn something from it n tell me the negative things which u did not like in it:)

  Smile n Be HappY 🙂


13 thoughts on “lesson’s I learnt

  1. It is always good to hear from you, reedssss. I read your list. You are so sweet to try to figure out how to be a good friend. Just be yourself. You are a good person and a good friend to others.

  2. list is quite good but the truth is when we enter the phase of life these important things are forgotten by us we read them we listen them but we don’t implement them when they should be….
    but we should keep learning naaaa so best of luck and wish it to me toooo

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