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Golden school memories

wake up, wake up ,it’s  7’0 clock you have to rush 4 school c’mon quickly wake up, get ready  have your break fast ………….

oh break fast errrr….  wait 4 van   reached to my destination which i called “School” ( journey of memories)

OMG what a life it was today i m writting some mischevious n naughty act which I used to do in my school life ….The last two year were outstanding they are wriiten by us in golden book of memoris   having a group of 15  friends  when we used to walk  n used to play many trick on junior 😛 😀  the school which i belong was a normal school  the tafree n fun we used to do

the  mischevious act we used to do were in  pakistan studeis period we used to ask so much quesion to Miss farzan that some times she used to get tired  from our stupid question 😛   I am a nail bitter n  my teacher used to scold me n at time she used to tie my hand is not that cool ? 😀

class matir was for only for double masti for dioble fun  math’s class was mine farvourite class one of mine friend used to tell me “Chalta phrta calculator ”   math teacher used to tell me  : dusron ko moqa do ab mat karna koi sums n my friend used to snatch my copy so that i can not do 😛

physics class is only for laughing where we used to laugh  at our teacher drawing which she used to make to  explain us  i remember the day when i was laughing whole day  with my friend   coz of that stupid drawing  everyone was asking the reason we did not tell anyone but continuously laughing 😛

we used to play  hide an seek n sometimes  “rail gari chuka chuk ” in chemistry lab 😛 we used to play with instrument over there .In biology lab we were playing with a frog  n i  my fried burst the lungs of frog 😛

one of mine friend used a word alot ” had hogae ” n we used to make so much fun of her 😀  we have get together n in those we used to play  dare to dare instead of truth n dare  n the punishment were

go n slap a junior or it should be eat 3 green chillies oetc 😛

Our class teacher make a list of breakfast  item  coz no one of us used to have breakfast n we have to follow it

there was a junior   who used to come once i a blue moon  and when she used to come we used to say “Ajj tp chand aiya hai” 😛

these are the little memories   which we only have today n now we have only bheegi palkhien purani yaddien  We all  are still in contact  many of get engaged  n one of get married n now is blessed with a daughter

I miss u guys I miss u all now I dun have people like u  i wish these days never gone  but  they are gone

but i will end up this post by a  smile 🙂  I am naughty  very naughty  last thing i used to pull the chairs when my friend used to sit they fell on the ground 😛 😀


Paper time

SAlamz people I will catch u people after a week  coz  papers are on head n no prepartion ,  expectations are high  n  i m not able to  meet with  the expectation so  people no post till one week catch u after a week

Wish me luck n do remember me in ur prayers

It’s difficult for me to concentrate on studies coz of some problem

so Good bye

Have fun ,

Take care ,

Regards, Princess (dee) , Wasif bhae ( barbie) , Salman ( guriya) Papa (toto)

Happy Birthday Dee – Part 1

This is the Series of wishes for our beloved Dee….This is the starting… wish number 1 to 7 … on Rida’s Blog..

Wish 1: May your soul mate be perfect….And the Best Friend of your life =)

Wish 2: May your all dreams which you used to see and now you do, all of them come true.

Wish 3: May your last bridge of life pass easily n as fast as wind. And so d

oes the sadness of this life pass quickly.

Wish 4: May your soul be in peace forever. And You get a fine place in jannah after death.

Wish 5: May success knock your door and you get on high esteem

Wish 6: May entire world happiness be given to you, And smile should always be there on your face.

Wish 7: May no one can hurt you and your all problems solve. And the thing you wish for, you get in this life

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” Kind word can made a relation n harsh word destroy it “

 If someone is disturbing you  and u point out that person  and tell them that “I m geeting disturb and geting difficult  in understanding  so please keep quiet till the lecture  end” Did something wrong with  it ?   if you think that  they did not like that u tell them n u said sorry to them so that  they won’t be hurt  But the answer  u got from them is quite annoying and they hurt u alot they insult u n  and what we call it Hazar batien suna dien  ” Is this they way  to speak they did not give u once chance to describe the reason that u were getting disturb because of their  chit chat during the lecture n evryone get  but they keep on insulting n   didnot want to listen u  they hurt u coz of that small sentence  n that was your rite isnot it  n they hurt u thousand times more than they   did 😦 😦

Your smile is lost because of them  😦 few minute ago u were smiling  🙂 n  then smile disappear n tears came in your eyes 😦 your heart is crying like a river  they animilate your pure heart n broke them into many pieces  😦 Is it worth ?

Have you such a big mistake that u were insulted by them  n now they are happy  after making u sad  Why  everyone do this  😦 ? After degrating u their thirst is quenched

 Everyone should be kind spoken 

                 ” Kind word can  made a relation n  harsh word destroy it “

I deas changed the world

 Being a student  I would like to share something   unique . Pakistan is an agricultural country . being an agricultural country the GDP of Pakistan is=$170 bn.Image our country have this rate of earning through imports. 


At those  people,who have created history with their knowledge . 2 friends started a network to communicate with their friends  and have excelled in their ideas and earn $9bn thet created hotmail  the way of online chatting n now it is spread in the whole world  n these two boys  were getting 160bn $  for selling their idea

American student designed a knowledgable website named “GOOGLE” .Initially no one was intrested and got their first break with $50,000 but after 5 years they earn 100bn $ per year  thorugh one idea now they are ruling the world  idea came from knowledge.

Nokia one of the  best mobile company in the whole world is situatedi n the arms of ice Ireland n earn $40 bn throgh their scale  .the company is situated in those area where is no sch industries n mineral resources but they only have idea n knowledge  n by this their earning is  remarkable.

Mc donald one of the renowned resturant in the world sold bread in Germany for 5 years because the people of germany did not eat bread inorder to introduce thier trend of burger n they successfully did this act and now earning $40 bn

 See now people are flourishing because of ideas .If we have to do someting good for Pakistan we should have some new unique ideas n scheme to make the name  of our country on the high esteem last

We should do something for our country n the other thing each n every person get success on the basis of ideas n knowledge

                                                                                         KNOWLEDGE HAS POWER

lesson’s I learnt

      hey everyone  after a long time i m writing a post  i was thinking what to  write so  now here i m with some new n unique thought n ideas

  •  Dun interfear in anyone’s life or matter until n unless they didnot gave u permission  n if they it’s better to be away from their life  even if they are  from your family
  • Do not expect from any one  neither from ur best friend n nor from your loved one .
  • Do not  justify yourself in front of those who  didnot want to listen you
  •   If your smile is fake then it should  be  hiden now one knw the reason behind ur smile n  ur tears.
  • Do not judge people on the bases of   faces n appearance but judge them on the basis of nature coz if someone judge u by face u won’t be happy
  •  be silent n see how many are effected  by it
  •   Keep your  secrets with u  coz no one is there to listen u.
  • If u r frustrated  keep ur frustration with u  if u vomit it out  the effect would definelt be negetive
  •  if u dun want to loose ur  friends  then dun complian to them n dun  expect the same  as what you did  they also did the same for u.
  • Make people laugh  if u r not  laugh with them to sure them that u r rite
  •  Never ever try to change anyone   except the way they are coz it’s diificult to change 4 others
  •  Never ever make fun of other coz if u do to the same act will gone with u so avoid it
  •  never compare your friends with other if u do that so u are hurting someone
  •  At times  people hurts alot so  everytime u should be care ful that no one is hurt by u  .
  • It’s better to be with yourself  n  to accept the thing which teaches u
  • Dun repeat your mistakes n try to  correct them
  • Dun test ur friends if u do so u r cheating ur friend .

changes are the part of life so except  the changes    that ‘s what i learn   so hope u people learn something from it n tell me the negative things which u did not like in it:)

  Smile n Be HappY 🙂