search 4 God

we search our God in the skies ,

Whose image is been created in our eyes

We always wish to see him one

Want to hear his voice ,

He is omnious who has created man ,

gave him intelligence with a pen

He doesnot live in the mountains n hill how to explain,

To  those who search for him on hills and plains,

He lives in the heart of people

We never find him on these hills

No doubt he is omnipotent

And is present everywhere

if u want to seek God search  around u

by helping people  n caring for them

ask from ur heart

if the answer is yes

so God is with u


26 thoughts on “search 4 God

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  2. Awww 🙂 So nice. Indeed Allah is everywhere. Zarre Zarre Mein Allah Ki Qudrat Nazar Aati Hai, Humari soch se bhi ziyaada wo humare kareeb hai. May he just give us the ability to turn towards Allah. Ameen-sum-Ameen! Well written, sweety.

  3. salamunalaikum.

    MashAllah well written,

    Allah is everywhere in terms of his knowledge,grace,power,love etc but in real terms he is upon Arsh~The Majestic Throne above the seven skies as mentioned in Glorious Qur’an.

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