News 4 u

Today there is a news for u people ,I am very happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy n i dun  have any reason .Well today i did a lot of work and did  so mch fun  okay now time for the news

Mummy coming back  🙂

my mummy is coming  on monday morning n i m desperatly waiting for her  and is cleaning  everything because she hates  mess  so winding up  all things the  time is not passing  oh  please this  time pass soon  i m happy very happyyyyyyyyy yuppie

Ali’s birthday  🙂

Today is the birthday of a cute  boy in this  town so people  wish him   he is Shaguftaabbas ‘s Bhanja   very cute n loving boy so    here a wish goes

” happy birthday many happy returns of the day    bacha “

in goofy khala’s style

” janam din ki bht sari shubkamaiyan 😛

now turn for some gift i guess happy birthday once again 🙂

many many happy  returns of the day 🙂


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  1. Masha’ALLAH Barbie Happy Happy 🙂 Loved to see the sweet smiley smiley barbie 🙂 Mama is coming so show mama barbie is too good strong daughter [Roonay Dhonay Mein B Too Good :P] 🙂
    Be Cherishing & Stay Blessed Always [Ameen]
    Many Happy Returns of The Day To Ali, May He Stay Blessed Always With His Family Especially With His Naughty Khala ‘Goofy’ 😀 [Ameen]

  2. awwwwwiiieeee thaaankkkooooooo!! ^_^

    A *huggie* from ali! (:

    kia dost milen hain khala ji ko,kahan kahan se wishes arhi hain!! 😀

    n ab tou khush ho jao rotoo raam!! Aunty aa rhi haaain! ^_^

  3. Lovely post….. 🙂

    Princess was happy….hmmm…..good signs….. 🙂

    What did Mama bring for you princess…..No updates till now, why??? 😀

    ALI’s Birthday…………. 😀 GOOFYYYYYYYYY ! here you see, All are wishing to JERRY……….. 😀 😉

    Need Birthday update pics GOOFY…….. 😀

    • yeaH princess is very happyyyyyyyy 🙂
      n mama bring so many things for ur princess
      i m not geeting time so that’s why did not wrote something new
      n i also want to see birthday picss

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