Me & My Lonliness

Can i have a pleasure to live my life alone without friends without sibbling without teacherrrrrrrrr?????????????

I dun want anyone in my life  no more coz i always hurt people .

I m   bad  I m 2 worst

I dun even deserve these lovely people around meeeeeee

I  knw I m nothing without them but still now it’s time to keep silent and to listen  my heart

and to make my self comfortable     i dun want anyone around meeeee

i want me  n my  lonliness that’s it


38 thoughts on “Me & My Lonliness

  1. You are a precious person, reedsss, and you need not be lonely. We all say and do the wrong thing, or at least what we perceive to be the wrong thing from time to time. We are all human and none of us are perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are loved. You are unique and God loves you and lots of people love you. I hope I read soon that reedsss is smiling again. Much love from a blogger friend…

  2. Well, you can definitely have the pleasure to live your life without teachers :-). But life without siblings and friends won’t be a pleasure believe me. Consider yourself lucky to have people around you. Seriously. You are blessed if you have people to care for you. Treasure their company.

    May Allah bless you

  3. Awwwwwww 🙂 Nice nice ladies don’t be sad sad like this Na. I just know this much: That you deserve everythin that is best, be it lovely friends, or a great great life. Such a cutie as you are, why you want lonliness? Though yeah, sweety I know sometimes we do wish that it’s just us N our lonliness, but that state is just temporarily! You smile N be grateful for everythin, as that’s the right way! *hugie* sent you way, did it reach btw? ;-P

    P.s: Nicely written!

  4. And you think we’ll leave you alone to be lonely? 😀

    But seriously though, there are times when we do want to be alone. But that doesn’t mean that we can live that way for long. Don’t be too hard on yourself – everyone has faults – but we all have a chance to make ourselves a better person. Cheer up!


  5. WOW!! This is a representation of what I have been feeling for MONTHS!! Sometimes, yes it does feel like that people would be better off without you. But do remember that it’s not true for all people. There are some people.. as you must have noticed by the comments above.. who would really care if you just disappear. But sometimes I think it is necessary for a person to go and hide somewhere and see who comes looking for them. If someone does that means you are not half as bad as you think you are. 🙂
    So cheer up!!
    Let’s hope we both get out of this ‘wanna-be loner’ phase. 🙂

    • well i agreed withu but little another thing is that their are many people who cares for me alot n they have importnace in my life
      n i m out of this 🙂 but dun knw when i get stick back to it

  6. An fascinating concept this. I’m 1 of those men and women whom tend to wait for things to mature prior to taking action but in this case I’m mindful that inaction leads to only failures so I will heed your comments and begin to do anything about it.

  7. I have been through this phase. Trust me, you would realize sooner than later that it’s only a passing phase..
    It does happen when you have gone through a struggling phase and you look inwards to heal.. Be kind to yourself. Even if alone- try to smile as much as you can. Make merry while being withinself..
    Loads of Love


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