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search 4 God

we search our God in the skies ,

Whose image is been created in our eyes

We always wish to see him one

Want to hear his voice ,

He is omnious who has created man ,

gave him intelligence with a pen

He doesnot live in the mountains n hill how to explain,

To  those who search for him on hills and plains,

He lives in the heart of people

We never find him on these hills

No doubt he is omnipotent

And is present everywhere

if u want to seek God search  around u

by helping people  n caring for them

ask from ur heart

if the answer is yes

so God is with u


News 4 u

Today there is a news for u people ,I am very happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy n i dun  have any reason .Well today i did a lot of work and did  so mch fun  okay now time for the news

Mummy coming back  🙂

my mummy is coming  on monday morning n i m desperatly waiting for her  and is cleaning  everything because she hates  mess  so winding up  all things the  time is not passing  oh  please this  time pass soon  i m happy very happyyyyyyyyy yuppie

Ali’s birthday  🙂

Today is the birthday of a cute  boy in this  town so people  wish him   he is Shaguftaabbas ‘s Bhanja   very cute n loving boy so    here a wish goes

” happy birthday many happy returns of the day    bacha “

in goofy khala’s style

” janam din ki bht sari shubkamaiyan 😛

now turn for some gift i guess happy birthday once again 🙂

many many happy  returns of the day 🙂


“The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself. when u dare to get out of ur circle of comfort and  explore the unknown , you start to liberate your true human potential”

“courage allow  you to run your own face .Courage allow u to do whateveru want to do because u knw that it is  right . Courage gives u the selfcontrol to presist where other have failed. Ultimately  the degree of courage u live with determines the amount of fulfillment you recieve”

“truly successful people , those who experience deep happiness daily are prepared to put off short term pleasure for the sake of  of long term fulfillment”

There is but one failure in life that is  the failure to try  .The gratest failure in life is unwillingness to play your  highest game and walk towards the places that frighten u “


Why she left me all alone,

I missed her since she left,

I missed her day n nite,

Am I a bad daughter?

Didn’t I  deserve her?

No one is there to talk with me

No one is there to ties my hair

No one is there to wipe  my  tears

Why she compeeled me to live alone?

I knw I m naughty n stubborn

but I m not 2 bad  😦

I know she will come soon

but time is not passing,

Home without her is lke hell,

Allah is giving punishment

I missed her alot

I want her back

Oh God! please have mercy on me

Send her back to me

So I can smile n laugh

Share all the things with her,

I love her more than anything,

I need her  always


Me & My Lonliness

Can i have a pleasure to live my life alone without friends without sibbling without teacherrrrrrrrr?????????????

I dun want anyone in my life  no more coz i always hurt people .

I m   bad  I m 2 worst

I dun even deserve these lovely people around meeeeeee

I  knw I m nothing without them but still now it’s time to keep silent and to listen  my heart

and to make my self comfortable     i dun want anyone around meeeee

i want me  n my  lonliness that’s it