Birthday Blast!!!!

Hey peole it’s 28 august ,2010 the birthday of very special girllll

Miss, Dr Anum Munaf

so as the clock sturk at 12:00 clock  the birthday start

she is now 21   so i want to wish her today

She is my greatest api in the whole Universe

” Happy Birthday to u May u have many more My u Hav many more dear

Happy birthday to u”

she is the grt daughter and sister 2  May All her dreams come true

I have 21 gift 4 her  over here so  here they go

  • she loves teddy bear so here it is she  loves jewellery 2 now it’s turn 4   a pretty key chain ab  turn 4  a  locket of letter “A” a pillow where she can have a sweet sleep n and have beautiful dreamz 2 a cup 4 her in which she have a tea
  • now turn 4   a handbag
  • it’s time for choclates now
  • bracelet timeeeeeeee
  • she loves to wear bangles so here they are
  • she likes scarfs so here it is
  • turn 4 sandals now
  • now  dairyyy she has so many  n she like to  have collection of  many
  • She loves to eat brownie so here it go:-)
  • she wear watches 2
  • now ring turn
  • Turn of perfume so take a look
  • birthday cake is there
  • Card 4 the birthday girl
  • now wish 4 her
  • last wish for her These are 4 my lovely sister

MAY All her dreams come true



40 thoughts on “Birthday Blast!!!!

  1. Masha’ALLAH Api’s Birthday and Barbie Doll has a blast 🙂
    May Anum has many more to come along with her sweet doll, family & friends with full of joy, happiness & blessings under the protection of Almighty. (Ameen)
    [Uncle Ki Taraf Se Only Prayers, No Gift :P]

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  3. Wao…u have such a wonderful Api…. Many many happy returns of the day…. 🙂

    and i love finger rings and bracelet…. 😀

    and Api has such a wonderful princess sis… 🙂

    May u both always be blessed by Allah…Ameen

  4. Happy Birthday to your sister. May she have many many more Insha-Allah. May Allah almighty bless her and may your love for her grow stronger and stronger Insha-Allah.

    Waisay the sandals have a ‘bit’ high heels I think :-P…

  5. Awwww this is so sweet 😀 Allah bless you both! She’s lucky to have someone so sweet as you in her life, N oh boi so many gift, Kehte hain Tohfe Lene Dene Se Muhabbat Badti hai, Socho Kitni increase hui hogi chahat between two of you ;-D Cuteeee! N yeah btw: Loads N loads of Prayers good wishes from me too. Smiles 🙂

  6. Your api is so fortunate to have such a loving and sweet sister! May Allah keep you both happy and healthy, and may your love for each other grow stronger each day, Ameen.

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