same as gold
shiny like stars
heart of girl is diamond.
so it can be easily broken
and is difficult to mend

girls are the blessing of GOD
and are gifted with some special qualities
they have a power to be a mother
and to rule hearts

girls are like fairies
desiring to fly in air
they want what ever they wish.
and struggling to give aims to their lives

Girls are the princess of dad
they are beautiful and honor their house
their dad spend money on their jewellery’s clothes
and they every time want more & more

when she cry every one has tear
when she is happy, happiness is all over
when she dance every boy wants to be the partner
she is priceless and pretty


25 thoughts on “GIRL!!!!!

  1. What beautiful words and images about the special charms of girls! Thank you for creating this tribute to the feminine gender. Well done.

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