Sunshines, birdflies, flower dance.
But someone is hurt by the special one,
Tears are felling from the beautiful eyes,
But No one is realizing and caring,
sweet heart is broken,
But no one is there 4 bandage,
Behind this smile tears are hidden,
But No one saw the precious diamond tears,
The foolish act made laugh
But behind this a silence and sad person,
The pleasant atmospher is beautiful,
But this had made the life confusing,
A roar of laughter is heard
BUt the silence of pain is not,
Friends are all around
But still there is lonliness,
Everyone is there to encourage
But none is there to share,
U miss everyone
But no one missed u
Many enjoyable moments are there
But no one is there to have fun with,
Everything is there
But time is not there,
Except those little sweet book and dairies


24 thoughts on “But!!!!!

  1. You are just getting better with each poem , girl!
    This was too good.. it was sad, yes. But it had a very gentle flow to it.. and you’ve described those sad lonely moments VERY WELL here!
    Good job, Rida!

    Take care, and much love…

  2. Beautifully written πŸ™‚ I loved the wording @siras mentioned! Lovely.

    [btw I’ve changed my blog upside down, do check it out N you’ll have to change the name in your blogg roll as well from Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishaan to moodycouple.com :-p] God bless.

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