ladli beti demands:-)

last week was quite tough 4 me
well feeling very happy n proud to be the daughter of Mr & Mrs Munaf nthe sister of Anum Munaf
Last week I told my mother to prepare a new dress 4 cousin’s engagement and at last I want a new dress like my mummani . My mother took out the cloth 4 me that was of royal blue colour with silver combination but my tailor refused to stich the dress and i was very angry and was sad even i cried alot my father tried alot to made me happy but i shouted on him 2 as he didn’t mind coz i m his ladli n ziddi beti finally hw told my mother
” isko jaisa suit chahiye dilado jitna bhi mehnga ho but iska mud sahi to hojae”
My mother started thinking how to made the dress and finally she got the solution another day when she went to different tailor he also refused so my khala n my mother decided to stich by themselves n they did well. My nani was shocked at my childish behavior” Rida itni zid to nahi karti”
i had already said my mother that if this dress wont be ready i am not going to come in the engagment
at last my mother stich the dress me n my sis did embroidery on it even my little brother went wid my mother 4my dress every one struggle 4 the only dress and finally the dress is completed i wear it and it was looking pretty everyone liked my dress
This is only possible coz of my family my mother my father anum api younger brother the worst part was that my mother got weak coz of my dress

this is the pretty dress along with the sandal n jwellery:)


18 thoughts on “ladli beti demands:-)

  1. Any particular reason why the tailors refused to sew the dress?

    You have a very loving family, mashaAllah. May Allah keep them healthy and happy. A wonderful and understanding family is such a blessing.

    PS: The dress looks lovely!

  2. so you finally got your dress and you wore it in the engagement party i m glad for u that your obduracy worked for you but i will suggest you to not to do this again plz

  3. Awww…itni zid..only for dress…. princess… 🙂

    Never do ZID with parents atleast… we just want to fulfill our demand but that could hurt them as well so be cautious too… 🙂

    But i must say thats a most beautiful dress cause it is stiched by LOVING MOTHER… 🙂

  4. yeah u r rite n i realized that i said my mother to leave it
    she said koi baat nahi hojaega tyar
    as i m ladli of my house n what ever i want i alwayz get it that’s why i m very ziddi
    n thnks 4 the dress

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