Happy BIrthday Professor Sahab

Hie!!!!!!! 🙂
Blogger guyz n girlz,
Today one of our blogger buddy is going to be 24 :-)so here is the sweet n cute intro of birthday boy
” He is none other than our professor sahab. He is a great guy. His post are really inspiring and teaches us a lesson He is elder than me
his blog link is http://majworld.wordpress.com/
4 him a birthday wish
Happy Birthday Many Happy returns of the day May all ur sweet n cute and desired wishes come true. May u get success in every path of ur life”
I do not have anyother way to wish u except this coz I knw that u visit my blog daily n comment on my little simple post so thanks 4 that
n when ever i used to comment on ur post my comment did not post over there i think there is some problem so please check it out
Once again Happy Birthday I loved to eat choclates and cakes So these are 4 u
It’s yummy n have fun enjoy the day:-)


18 thoughts on “Happy BIrthday Professor Sahab

  1. Oh thats so so sweet of u..seriously the best wish i had today..thanks a lottttt ..u really made my day..:) nd professor sahb makes me feel bit aged.. :p and don’t know whats the problem with the comments thing and y they are not posting..:S..anywayz thanks so much for ur gift of cakes and choclates 🙂 i just bought a cake also here and will cut in evening..Thanks and allah bless u and may all ur wishes come true 🙂



    lol,chalo set hai! Professor sahab aj aur buzurg hue hain! Sab mil k wish krtre hain! Happy birthday professor sahab! 😀

  3. Thanks everyone out there..nd special thanks to rida once again 🙂 and professor sahb makes me feel like an old guy with white hairs and glasses on the nose :D…i m nt that old :S..

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