Life Of Princess

there was a girl who used to live a life of a princess.She was caring loving a and naughty 2 n what ever she wished 4 she get that. She was the most clumsy person . She had so many friends who cared 4 her. She wasi like a flowers who left their fragnance every where. her funny act bring smile on every one’s face. She She love to do all thinge in her style in her own way. She was always busy in her work . she likes to draw especially teddy bear n is crazy 4 choclate n ice creams she is the most funniest girl of her group
She left alone none of her friendz have time 4 her she becomes frustrated n irritated she was not able to survive without her friends in this thin world she was sad n she started geeting weeker n missing her cool n bindass friends coz she have a habbit to talk with them n to spend time with time and to share her felling n problem with them now she is missing them

Now She started living alone and missing her life of princess n now she is very sad:(


12 thoughts on “Life Of Princess

  1. Chill yar every one has their own lives they get busy with them but that doesn’t mean they don’t miss u just give them time and one more thing u’ii always be a princess

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