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Another Achivment

Hey people i recieved another award from very loving jingle she is the one who always encourage us so firstly i want to thnk her from the bottom of my heart
Thank u so much

well i dun knw wether i deserved or not but i am very happy to have these three award so thanks alot



Sunshines, birdflies, flower dance.
But someone is hurt by the special one,
Tears are felling from the beautiful eyes,
But No one is realizing and caring,
sweet heart is broken,
But no one is there 4 bandage,
Behind this smile tears are hidden,
But No one saw the precious diamond tears,
The foolish act made laugh
But behind this a silence and sad person,
The pleasant atmospher is beautiful,
But this had made the life confusing,
A roar of laughter is heard
BUt the silence of pain is not,
Friends are all around
But still there is lonliness,
Everyone is there to encourage
But none is there to share,
U miss everyone
But no one missed u
Many enjoyable moments are there
But no one is there to have fun with,
Everything is there
But time is not there,
Except those little sweet book and dairies

Kaheen Kho si gae!!!

Ik theeki si pyari si pari,
Khuwaboon mien rehne wali,
Dusrun ka khayal karne wale,
Natkhaat aur badmash si ,
kaheen kho gae!!!!
Uski meethi pyari batien,
Uska ka pyara bhola bhala cheera,
uski natkhat adaien,
uski natkhat jafaatien,
Kaheen ghum si gae!!!!
Logun mien ghere rehne wali,
Khubsurti sai darne wali,
Apne app ko ik aam sa khene wali,
Bht batien karne wali,
Khamosh si ho gae!!!!
Ik pyari si larki dusri hogae,
Sub sai rooth gae,
ankhun mien pani liye
Kahhen gayab si hogae!!!!

I’m Still There

“Why it happens that when we didn’t expect from some friendz they do such act that shocked us and
we are unable to express our feelings”

Yesterday the same thing happened with me. when I called my friend shagufta and she started the chit chat saying me Thank You. She thanked me for everything Idid for her. I dun deserve it but still I am happy that she honoured me. There are few people in this world which gave us the credit of our kindness but their are some who did not realized what we did did 4 them
I m very lucky to have a friend like her and thank u so much 4 honouring me and giving me importance and respect and from now onwords there will be no thank u and no sorry please there is a little poem for u and for my other friend i hope u like it
There’s no need to worry, no need to cry,
I am still there, so don’t think,I say “Good Bye”
Look for me in the sky,
Look for me in the sun, the moon and the stars,
I’ll be there in your loneliest hours.
There’s no need for u to be so sad and lonv,
For my love 4 u will never go,
For I’m still there…..
Looking at u with my sweetest stare,
We W’ll be together someday….
Where we’ll renenv all the love and care,
Haven’t be forgotten,
For I’m stiill there….
Look deep in your heart and you’ll find me there,
For that’s where I promised to live and please keep me there .
I know you’ll never forget me nor will I,
Together we will be in heaven somebody……… Chasing butterflies

my 1 award

Sorry guyz and girls i was busy that’s why did not visut your blog
well firstly i want to thank kavita 4 sharing a lovely n pinky award with me I am very glad to have this award and have a caring friend like u
Well there are some rules with this award which i had to follow
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award just as i did.(kavita thank u so much)
2. Share seven things about urself well i am clumsy,naughty, cute, very stubborn (as u people know very well),masti maker, sensitive, very careless and a loving girl
3. Pass the award along to 7* bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!
4. Contact the blogger u have picked and let them knw about the award
I m nominating these 4 this lovely pretty pink award hope u people like it
Shagufta Abbass (c it my way) she is a very good friend of mine
Captureuniverse(api) caring a sweet person
Majworld(proffesor) an inspirational person
AnumMunaf( best sis in the whole world)
Sandra(nice friend)
Mightyspirit( the cutest cousin)
Nadia( sweet friend)
HOpe they all like it and THANK U SO Much Kavita

mistakes Are Part Of life

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Mistakes are part of lifeand essential 4 growth. But there is something very wrong making the same mistakes over an over again, day in and day out.This shows a complete lack of self awareness, the very quality that seprates human from animal . Learn from your life and let your past serve u:-)
(Robin Sharma)