4 m0! friend’s mother

today i m writing this post for my friend i dun know why i m writting
Today is the birthday of my friends mother firstly i would like to tell u about my dear friend in this blog world she is very famous. She is loving, caring , very sweet, always help everyone she is Shagufta Abbas (shaguftaabbas.wordpress.com)the inspirational person
well today is her mother’s birthday n Allah talla has taken from this world but she is always with her
” Happy birthday to aunty
May Allah always keep u under his blessing
May u get place in jannat”

i have to tell her mother that your 3 daughters are very sweet n nice they help each other u always want ur daughters to get success in life n u will be happy that ur all daughters get their desired goal n ambitions
last but not least is that today they are missing u alot n wants u.
shagufta always talk about u she is the only one who made me realize the importance of mother n i m very happy to have a friend like her n ur daughters make their father to feel proud.
One day they will shine like a star in this little world so dun get worry for your daughters we are with them no one can harm them n u will alwayz be in my prayers n theywont shed any tear n smile will always be on their face


17 thoughts on “4 m0! friend’s mother

  1. “Let’s be kind to each other and ourselves. How we tend to our internal bruises makes all the difference as to how we heal.” 🙂

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