good but strange day

I just can’t understand where to start from yesterday was really a gud day coz i met my best friend after a long time.we have a chit chat n have fun with yummy zinger n coke:p
we recall our past memories n the good bad time we face together n we had saved alot are eyes with tears 2
we had a cute photoshoot we talked about the stuff of what kind of time we were having now adayz n we both friend have a great time with eachother
yesterday he came in front of me after a year ago i wasn’t expect this that i m going to see him like this i really shocked me he used to call me “Satisfaction” i was hoping that he would call me again but he didn’t n he did not ven smile i thought may he be ignore me or did not see me
He had a very gud personality that’s why i was attracted toward him but when i saw him yesterday he spoiled himself i felt good and bad to see him i want to ask many question but how i dun know……………………


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