missing someone

It’s so strange that we alwayz miss the person most whom we dun want 2 because he is the one who has hurt me the most .. I m missing him from 2 or 3 days coz i was so much addicted to him and i really like him as a friend but he broke his friendship giving me the reason that i never understand him , if i can not understand anyoneor there is sum problem with me i dun knw…
I just want my friendz to guide me not to leave as just my best friend do.. Even if i m wrong at sum point my friends guide me coz they know that i m not alwayz wrong they can find the goodness in me too
I miss him coz we were very cloze and shared a very gud time all the fun we do, the fight we had everything seemed justperfect 4 being his friend.. He was the one who made me laugh i need him as a friend really care 4 him n i hope myself to be neededby him too and sumday hope i’ll be
He had tried many a times 2 be my best friend but i was unable to give him the place coz it had been occupied by sumone else but he alwayz had been on the second num in my list …. I really wish that wether we would not have become friends or he should have left me All of my friends have tried to make me forget himn to overcome the place he had taken in my life but it was impossible fro me to replace him. I feel really angry on the fact that i had prepared a birthdaycard 4 him with my own hands but he’s not at all intrested in seeing that card
I m incomplete without my friendz .I want every of my friend with me coz every friend possess a special place in my life .I dun wanna loose any of my friend especially some of my bestest friends who always correct my mistakes and guide me about every ups and down comes in my way


14 thoughts on “missing someone

  1. As soon as you will understand, it will be blessing for you…
    Who is your sincere friend will never break up with you, there wont be a matter of unerstanding or not unerstanding each other but only friendship… think over πŸ™‚

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