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Most of us live our entire lives wearing a social mask that hides our true selves.Rather than showing the full color s of humanity,we workhard to sculpt an image of the person we think the world want us to be. We say the thing other peoplewant us to say and the wear the clotherother people want us to wear and do hings other people want us to do.Rather than living the lives we have been destined to live, we end up living the lives of other peopleand in doing so we die a slow death
(Robin Sharma)


7 thoughts on “imposter image

  1. thats so so true..we shouldn’t lose our own self and always base our lives on our passions rather than public opinion…full marks to u…rather to robin sharma :p

  2. At quite a little age, I learnt being a voice, not an echo. Since then, life has been as terrific as a wandering cloud’s journey.
    “Being yourself” is the thing we need to learn ourselves and along the course of life, we have to repetitively teach this thing to our brain. It’s a choice; not a chance.

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