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Words have power

Conversation depends on conviction. The more you can converse about the things that u want to become, The more u will be able to delicate yourself to doing what needs to be done. Words do have power.


4 m0! friend’s mother

today i m writing this post for my friend i dun know why i m writting
Today is the birthday of my friends mother firstly i would like to tell u about my dear friend in this blog world she is very famous. She is loving, caring , very sweet, always help everyone she is Shagufta Abbas ( inspirational person
well today is her mother’s birthday n Allah talla has taken from this world but she is always with her
” Happy birthday to aunty
May Allah always keep u under his blessing
May u get place in jannat”

i have to tell her mother that your 3 daughters are very sweet n nice they help each other u always want ur daughters to get success in life n u will be happy that ur all daughters get their desired goal n ambitions
last but not least is that today they are missing u alot n wants u.
shagufta always talk about u she is the only one who made me realize the importance of mother n i m very happy to have a friend like her n ur daughters make their father to feel proud.
One day they will shine like a star in this little world so dun get worry for your daughters we are with them no one can harm them n u will alwayz be in my prayers n theywont shed any tear n smile will always be on their face

good but strange day

I just can’t understand where to start from yesterday was really a gud day coz i met my best friend after a long time.we have a chit chat n have fun with yummy zinger n coke:p
we recall our past memories n the good bad time we face together n we had saved alot are eyes with tears 2
we had a cute photoshoot we talked about the stuff of what kind of time we were having now adayz n we both friend have a great time with eachother
yesterday he came in front of me after a year ago i wasn’t expect this that i m going to see him like this i really shocked me he used to call me “Satisfaction” i was hoping that he would call me again but he didn’t n he did not ven smile i thought may he be ignore me or did not see me
He had a very gud personality that’s why i was attracted toward him but when i saw him yesterday he spoiled himself i felt good and bad to see him i want to ask many question but how i dun know……………………

thinking of wise man

Wise people remind themselves that everyday could be their last.In doing so they make it their commitment to be love rather than fear during the hours of their day.And they continually choose to be extraordinary even if it’s difficult- versus ordinary
(Robin Sharma)

missing someone

It’s so strange that we alwayz miss the person most whom we dun want 2 because he is the one who has hurt me the most .. I m missing him from 2 or 3 days coz i was so much addicted to him and i really like him as a friend but he broke his friendship giving me the reason that i never understand him , if i can not understand anyoneor there is sum problem with me i dun knw…
I just want my friendz to guide me not to leave as just my best friend do.. Even if i m wrong at sum point my friends guide me coz they know that i m not alwayz wrong they can find the goodness in me too
I miss him coz we were very cloze and shared a very gud time all the fun we do, the fight we had everything seemed justperfect 4 being his friend.. He was the one who made me laugh i need him as a friend really care 4 him n i hope myself to be neededby him too and sumday hope i’ll be
He had tried many a times 2 be my best friend but i was unable to give him the place coz it had been occupied by sumone else but he alwayz had been on the second num in my list …. I really wish that wether we would not have become friends or he should have left me All of my friends have tried to make me forget himn to overcome the place he had taken in my life but it was impossible fro me to replace him. I feel really angry on the fact that i had prepared a birthdaycard 4 him with my own hands but he’s not at all intrested in seeing that card
I m incomplete without my friendz .I want every of my friend with me coz every friend possess a special place in my life .I dun wanna loose any of my friend especially some of my bestest friends who always correct my mistakes and guide me about every ups and down comes in my way


Salamz n Hie to blog people sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iwas out of the city n I was unable to visit your blog n didnot commented on ur post but now I m back so I will visit ur blog soon
Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyy once again

imposter image

Most of us live our entire lives wearing a social mask that hides our true selves.Rather than showing the full color s of humanity,we workhard to sculpt an image of the person we think the world want us to be. We say the thing other peoplewant us to say and the wear the clotherother people want us to wear and do hings other people want us to do.Rather than living the lives we have been destined to live, we end up living the lives of other peopleand in doing so we die a slow death
(Robin Sharma)